How does advertising send your message? Your advertising campaign portrays your organization, your products, services, and values. Advertising should enhance your credibility as an organization and present your solution to meet consumer needs.

My comprehensive knowledge of marketing helps unlock the barriers to marketing initiatives. Providing insight, experience, and resources to represent your brand, and properties uniquely.

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Marketing - Advertising - Sponsorship Marketing

Creativity and appropriate solutions through marketing and innovation to produce new customers is my passion. What is Yours?

Marketing Consultant

Ronald Simons

Ronald Simons - Marketing Consultant; Planner, Strategist, and Director. Focused on creativity and appropriate solutions through marketing and innovation.  Inventor of the SMS and MMS Auto-Responder Text Message Coupon, Payment, Donations and Redemption Method.

Fostering relationships that strengthen brands through sponsorship marketing partnerships, promotional, and co-brand advertising.  Demonstrating these qualities through an understanding of human behaviors; consumer-centric, master distributor organisms (F&B - CPG), and a willingness to question the status quo. 

Executing marketing plan initiatives that drive action against strategy to deliver quantifiable results. Ultimately, adding value to top-line revenues, and exponential bottom line growth.

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential.  Marketing is a delicate balance conducive to market and industry conditions.  While advertising is a quantitative approach, and sponsorship marketing is a qualitative approach.  I deliver custom solutions, tailored to you -your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Sometimes an external review and report that begins with listening and proper due diligence.  Taking into account your business plan, marketing plan, vision, and mission.  Conducting brand research, with a review of market analysis, demographics, trends, differentiation, and positioning. To reveal your goals; improve image, morale, culture, employee, community, and public relations.  While shaping consumer interests and being a great corporate citizen may vastly improve your brand value.

My consulting services are structured to improve skill-sets, providing onsite coaching, and mentoring; to develop and deploy the marketing plan and strategy, increase brand awareness, reach, publicity, visibility and increase sales.  While also offering vast insights for proposal, contract, and agreement writing.  To increase prospects, increase your closing rates, to save both time and money.