Ronald Simons, CEO

Globe Icons, Inc.

Focused on creativity and appropriate solutions through marketing and advertising innovation. Specializing in co-brand commercial mass marketing, and advertising co-ventures.

Fostering relationships that strengthen brands through sponsorship marketing partnerships, promotional, and co-brand advertising.  Demonstrating these qualities through an understanding of human behaviors; consumer-centric, master distributor organisms (FMCG - Food and Beverage - CPG), and a willingness to question the status quo. 

Executing initiatives that drive action against strategy to deliver quantifiable results. Ultimately, adding value to top-line revenues, and exponential bottom line growth..

As Chief Executive Officer my duties entail management; management team recruitment, and administrative direction of the organization.  I drive the purpose, and mission behind the business model as its visionary and technical founder.  Responsible for connecting the business with the market; making budget, and investment decisions, and directing the company’s strategies, to achieve its objectives.  A "transformational leader“, I provide guidance and resources to the team and remove obstacles.